Alphabetical list of photography


There are life-changing moments that come to us all, lasting forever. One of mine was a gift of a box camera on my 11th birthday. I became a photographer at once, composing pictures of interest—perhaps to me alone but nonetheless compositions. Today, after all the passing years of studies and photos, I’m still composing pictures of interest. The exception is the advent of digital photo imaging. Now, for me, the photo is not the end but the beginning.

The camera—and its predecessor, camera obscura—have been around for quite a long time. In Latin, camera obscura translates as “dark chamber,” and is quite simply a box with a hole in one end, allowing light to pass through to a white paper (or photo film) on the opposite wall. In your youth, you may have tried to simulate this or even used a card with a pinhole to view a solar eclipse.

This concept dates back to ancient China. Leonardo da Vinci mentions natural camera obscuras formed by dark caves with a hole in the wall, projecting an upside-down image on the opposite wall and showing the valley beyond. It seems that Renaissance painters also used the camera obscura to assist them in their renderings.

Of course, until the actual camera was invented (a darkroom within a box), photography was not possible. Today, almost everyone has a digital camera in their purse or pocket. Shooting pictures is running rampant, documenting each moment and every event. Imagine past history through such a lens! We will forever capture our future on film, and my photography will always be a part of that future.

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