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Saturday Afternoon

Twelve minutes past twelve
On a Saturday afternoon
The wind chimes sounded
Melodically, awakened by a sudden breeze,
A whiff of fresh wind
Drifting up from the sea.

Two doves playfully courted
In the overhead branches of
A Monterey pine,
Nonchalantly oblivious
To watching eyes.
Or were they?

The shrill, wheezing voice
Of an eagle flew by,
Branches disguising flight,
Clouds camouflaging intent.
Nearby field mice shuddering,
Remembering lost kin.

A day the clouds romanced
In and out of sunshine
Speckling shadows with highlights
Of dance and moods of intrigue
As wind played the pines
Like violin strings.

Music was everywhere at once,
A symphony of what is
The best part of now.
A spring-fed creek, exuberant,
Unknown destination,
Wandering unconcerned toward the sea.



© 2004 Thomas A. Ekkens

2ND PLACE (Class 2: Senior Free Form Poem) at the San Mateo County Fair Literary Arts Contest (2010).

Above photo: Horizon