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This & That

There’s a lot to do around this place
We call house,
We call home,
Dust out cobwebs from rafters as we chase
This & that,

Face sunshine shadows into nooks
Where spiders,
Where hiders
Lurk. Feather duster to tops of books,
This & that,

Weather-strip windows for winters’
Cold nights,
Chill mornings,
Wash them until the glass glint-ers.
This & that,

Things to do, maybe avoid
If possible,
If maybe
We were cloned or owned an eager droid,
This & that

Might get done sooner, or better,
Things to do,
Work awaits,
Attention to detail, we wear a fetter.
This & that

Get the upper hand. We wallow,
Dust settles,
Evening sun
Illuminates the air we swallow,
This & that

Floats through light, alighting anywhere
A surface stands,
A surface sits
In one place too long to be aware,
This & that.



© 2007 Thomas A. Ekkens